self-help ease Piles pain at home

Leading laparoscopic surgeon for piles treatment Dr Amita Jain shares five self-help tips to ease piles pain at home

Hemorrhoids or piles are swollen and inflamed veins that might cause discomfort and bleeding inside the rectum and anus. If you suspect hemorrhoidal disease, you need to always be evaluated with a thorough consultation and examination by an experienced physician for an accurate diagnosis, and treatment procedure and to exclude a serious illness or condition like colon or anal cancer.

Hemorrhoidal disease is merely one of the several causes of rectal bleeding and lesions surrounding the anus that needs evaluation. Rectal bleeding could be a symptom of any form of colorectal or anal cancer, which could be cured if found early.

Drink a lot of fluids and eat fibrous food.

The first thing a piles or hemorrhoid patient, should try to do at home is to change their diet in order to pass hard and constipated poop (that further worsen hemorrhoid condition). This they can do by taking fibre-rich food and by drinking a lot of water and fluids. They may also consult their medical health expert and take fiber supplements like Isubgul (husk fiber) to get 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day.

Apply Coconut oil to piles

Coconut oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, that can help reduce pile inflammation and swelling. Its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties can help to reduce discomfort caused by hemorrhoids and its antibacterial properties allow hemorrhoids to heal faster. Coconut oil may also aid in relieving constipation, thanks to a laxative effect. A person suffering from piles can take coconut oil by consuming it regularly or by applying it externally to the hemorrhoids with a cotton ball.

coconut oil piles treatment

Use an ice pack or cold compresses

To cope with extreme hemorrhoid pain, the patient can apply ice packs or cold compresses to the anus to relieve swelling for 15 minutes at a time. For large, painful hemorrhoids, cold compresses can be an extremely effective treatment.

However, you should always wrap ice inside a cloth or paper towel or use a clean ice bag. Never apply something frozen directly to your skin, since this can harm or damage the skin.

Try feet elevation

When passing stool on a commode toilet seat, try to elevate your feet a bit with a stool and changes the position of the rectum to give an easier passage of stools and check if it helps in relieving the pain. Note: for old age patients, using tools inside the toilet may cause falls, hence it should be done under the supervision of a trained nurse or caregiver. 

self-help ease Piles pain at home

Bath with Epsom salt

Warm baths with water mixed with Epsom salt can help soothe the pile’s irritation. The patient can use a bathtub or sitz bath (a small plastic tub that fits over a toilet seat so you can just immerse the affected area. Adding Epsom salt to lukewarm water and bath or a sitz bath for 20 minutes after each bowel movement. 

NOTE – Piles are a very painful health condition. Hence immediate medical intervention is advisable. For the best hemorrhoid treatment in India meet and consult with Dr. Amita Jain today. Appointments are available at the office and online.

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Dr Amita Jain holds 28 plus years of rich experience in Trauma and General Laparoscopic Surgeries (including Gallbladder stone removalappendix removalhernia repair surgery, piles and fissure surgeries). She was the Professor Surgery of at the Army College of Medical Sciences and Base Hospital Delhi Cantt. In 1994 she was commissioned as Surgeon under the United Nations Mission in Congo. From 2020 to 2022, she worked with Bansals Hospital. Currently, Dr Amita Jain is the Senior Consultant, (Speciality: General and Laparoscopic Surgeon) at Artemis Lite Hospital, New Delhi