Dr Amita Jain - India's Leading Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr Amita Jain Leading laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Amita Jain - India's Leading Laparoscopic Surgeon, Professor of Surgery and Experienced Doctor for Appendix, Hernia, Gallstone, Piles Surgeries

Things that make Dr Amita Jain the best and most preferred Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi is due to the extensive experience that she has gathered, while working as a Professor Surgery, Technical Advisor “Trauma, Critical Care, General Laparoscopic Surgeon in India. She is based currently, at one of the most eminent hospitals in Delhi, Bansal Hospital, and providing her services as a General and Laparoscopic Surgeon. Besides that, she has also served at Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt as Trauma Surgeon and Professor in Army College of Medical Sciences. All these professional achievements have established her as the best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Delhi..

In her erstwhile career Col Dr Amita Jain also happens to be the first lady trauma surgeon of Indian Army

Dr Amita Jain besides being the best surgeon believes in providing high-quality, patient-centered care in a professional and personalized way. She is fully committed to ensuring that the patients are listened to and are given proper time to completely understand their treatment choices. Diagnoses and all available management options are explained by Col Dr Amita Jain to her patients in a very caring, considerate, and easily understood way.

Dr Amita Jain is a skilled surgeon having an illustrious history of serving patients during the war and peace in different parts of India and abroad (United Nation Mission in Congo).

She is a surgeon having the highest degree of professional competence, precision, and surgical craftsmanship. Performed all sorts of complicated general surgery procedures with in-depth knowledge of invasive and few minimal invasive and oncology surgical techniques.

Dr Amita Jain - Professional Qualifications

  • MS: Master of Surgery (Laparoscopy)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma & Critical Care from AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr Amita Jain Leading laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Amita Jain is Specializes in following treatments

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Laparoscopic Painless Piles Surgery Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery Hernia Repair Surgery Surgery for Gallbladder Stone Fissure Treatment Varicose Vein Anorectal Surgery

Dr Amita Jain - Personal and Professional Biography

Dr Amita Jain was born and raised in Lucknow, India. Currently, Living in New Delhi. She obtained her Bachelors and Masters medical degree from NSCB Govt. Medical College Jabalpur (MP).

Following her general medical training Col Dr Amita Jain was commissioned in AMC as a Surgeon while she served patients during war and peace in several parts of India and abroad (UN mission in Congo).

Further, she also worked as a General Surgeon in Civil Hospital Kolkata and later in Pune. Later she worked as a Surgeon in Military Hospitals across several locations in India.

Dr Amita Jain - Awards and Recognitions

In her illustrious career, Dr Amita Jain that simply makes her the best in her medical profession. She has won several laurels between 1999-2020 so far. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • - During the Kargil War Operation Vijay managed approximately 680 War Casualties in conflict zone 150 GH, a Field Hospital in Rajouri, (Jammu and Kashmir) from 1999-2002. Was awarded COAS Commendation for her devotion to duty.
  • - In 158 Base Hospital, Bagdogra (West Bengal) she was awarded GOC in C Eastern Command Commendation in 2004.
  • - In Command Hospital Northern Command, Udhampur 2007- 2008, managed trauma cases in CI Ops and was awarded COAS Commendation on 15 Aug 2008.
  • - While contributing to another side of the globe in the international arena in UN Mission Congo level III hospital was decorated with Force Commander Commendation in 2010.
  • - Professor Surgery Army College of Medical Sciences, Senior Surgical Specialist and Trauma Surgeon Base Hospital New Delhi, India, 2010 till date.
  • - Col Dr Amita Jain oversaw general surgery operations from 150 to 1000 bedded hospitals, in addition to teaching basic and trauma surgery subjects (theory and practical) to post-graduate and MBBS students.
  • - Served as an expert advisor on the army medical review board, assessing the medical fitness of candidates in line for promotions.
  • - Col Dr Amita Jain several international military surgeon conferences as a delegate from India.
  • - Enhanced surgical excellence and surgeon competencies by introducing international best practices.

Dr Amita Jain Has Been Honored several times to be the GUEST SPEAKER, PANELIST, and CHAIRPERSON

  1. - Dr Amita Jain, has several publications in national and international journals, she has chaired various sessions in national and prestigious international conferences like the world trauma congress.
  2. - Dr Amita Jain also, chaired the session in international trauma conference 2020 virtual conference.
  3. - She was invited to a prestigious conference of American College of Surgeons Indian chapter as a panelist in the panel discussion on “Algorithmic approach to the management of trauma victim” on 4th Jan 2020.
  4. - Dr Amita Jain participated as trauma faculty for Consensus meeting on ISTAC Guidelines for management of solid organ injuries held on 18 and 19 January 2020 at New Delhi.
  5. - She has been honored to represent India as a lady trauma Surgeon in Geneva Switzerland on 24th surgical seminar “the management of patients with war wounds” 2012 conducted by ICRC.
  6. - She has been a keynote address in CME on trauma organized by INDIAN AIR FORCE in AFCME auditorium Subroto Park spoke on Prehospital trauma care.
  7. - Dr Amita Jain chaired the session in trauma conference AIIMS on competitive papers on trauma - 2009.
  8. - Dr Amita Jain has been the Guest speaker in international trauma conference 2011 in AIIMS on “Trauma in austere scenario “A UN experience and during the trauma conference 2011in CH(AF) Bengaluru on “Trauma in austere scenario” A UN experience.
  9. - Dr Amita Jain presented original article Combat medical care in Military medicine conference 42 ICMM world congress on Military medicine in 2017.