Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi - Dr Amita Jain

Best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Delhi Dr Amita Jain

Laparoscopy Surgery By Dr Amita Jain

Few things have transformed surgical care more than laparoscopic surgery. Working with a skilled and highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Amita Jain in Delhi is the best way to leverage this advanced technological method to its greatest advantage. If you are looking to know more about laparoscopic surgery or are in a need to undergo laparoscopic surgery and how it may work with your treatment plan, request a visit to Dr. Amita Jain today or consult online or by phone.

Do You Know the Benefits of Laparoscopy Surgery?

In recent years, Laparoscopy has been hugely used as a surgical process of choice to address a range of ailments and conditions. This surgery has become quite popular with doctors and patients alike considering the big number of benefits it provides and the faster time to recovery. Let us look at what exactly this procedure involves and where it can be deployed as explained by top laparoscopic surgeon Dr Amita Jain. The benefits of laparoscopic surgeries are

  • The patient can get discharged from the hospital faster
  • There will be fewer scars post-surgery
  • The patient experiences less discomfort as the scars heal, and they heal faster
  • The patient can start normal activities quicker

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Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi Dr Amita Jain

How Safe is Laparoscopic Surgery?

During the past few years, recovery time, scarring, and pain linked with a wide array of general surgeries have decreased hugely. This is all because of the growing popularity of “laparoscopic” procedures or keyhole surgeries. Through the help of laparoscopic surgery, Dr Jain says now surgeons can treat patients in outpatient procedures itself avoiding unnecessary risks, scarring, pain, and expenses, allowing the patient to recover easily at home. Dr Amita Jain who is Delhi’s top laparoscopic surgeon shares laparoscopic risks and benefits that require to be factored in while deciding to opt for the procedure.

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Why Dr Amita Jain is considered as one of the leading laparoscopic surgeons in Delhi and India?

Dr Amita Jain holds 27 plus years of rich experience in Trauma and General Laparoscopic Surgeries (including Gallbladder stone removal, appendix removal, hernia repair surgery, piles and fissure surgeries). She was the Professor Surgery of at Army College of Medical Sciences and Base Hospital Delhi Cantt. In 1994 she was commissioned as Surgeon under the United Nations Mission in Congo. Currently, she is the Senior General and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Artemis Lite Hospital, New Delhi.

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Hernia Surgery Appendix Surgery Surgery for Gallbladder Stone Fissure Treatment Piles Treatment Varicose Vein Anorectal Surgery

Laparoscopy: Things you Need to Know

Dr. Amita explains surgery is a procedure that needs physically altering your body’s natural tissues. In decades past, that meant a process involving a large opening in your body that provided the surgeon access to the treatment area.

Laparoscopic surgery transformed that approach by enabling surgeons to access all parts of your body using specialized tools. This process mostly needs simply a few small incisions and provides impressive results.

Dr. Amita says Laparoscopic surgery can treat several conditions in various areas of your body. Some of the most common applications include appendectomy, splenectomy, cholecystectomy, and removal of sections of the small and large intestine. In certain cases, organs can be completely removed through laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery lets you come home from the hospital in less time compared to an open surgery. You will be able to play a more active role in your recovery and get back into the swing of your normal life quickly.

How many incisions do a laparoscopic surgery need?

Dr. Amita says, any surgical plan depends on a number of issues, including the target area and what type of repairs are required. In certain cases, the laparoscope and specialized surgical tools could be inserted through the same incision.

That method may make it hard to maneuver the surgical tools as required. The preferred way is mostly several small incisions that let the surgical tools enter your body at the accurate angle and work together to do the procedure completely.

If you have been diagnosed, that needs a laparoscopic surgery and need to know additional questions about laparoscopic surgery, you just need to call or use the online tool to get in touch with the most reputed laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Amita Jain and request a detailed personalized consultation at the office of Dr. Amita Jain today.

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