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Eminent Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Amita Jain Shares an Insight

In these trying times of the ongoing pandemic where all the elective health care deliveries have taken a backburner in response to generating bed capacity for pandemic patients, surgical services have taken a huge hit with numerous elective procedures being postponed or patients being too scared to visit the health facility.

India’s eminent laparoscopic surgeon for gallbladder stones, Dr Amita Jain from her years of surgical experiences shares the risks of surgical treatment for various gall bladder pathologies that are delayed during the pandemic.

Dr Amita Jain has pointed out that bowel obstruction is one of the most frequently encountered surgical emergencies. A wide spectrum of etiologies exists for this condition which is primarily organized into intraluminal obstruction, intramural obstruction and the most common form i.e., extrinsic obstruction due to adhesions or hernias.

Gall bladder pathologies are one of the rarest causes of Intestinal obstruction. The most known cases of intestinal obstruction due to gall bladder pathology are due to gall stone ileus which is a rare complication of cholelithiasis and is one of the rarest forms of mechanical bowel obstruction

In the scientific journal titled, “GLOBAL PANDEMIC- DELAYED, POSTPONED OR CANCELLED ELECTIVE CHOLECYSTECTOMIES- NATURE, A HEALER FOR GALL BLADDER PATHOLOGIES CAUSING INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION”, that is authored (principal) by Dr Amita Jain, Dr Jain has shared case studies where various patients with cholelithiasis for which elective surgeries were postponed and they ultimately came with complications like cholecystoduodenal fistula, perforation or pancreatitis leading to intestinal obstruction.

Read the complete journal here at- https://www.worldwidejournals.com/international-journal-of-scientific-research-(IJSR)/recent_issues_pdf/2020/September/global-pandemic-delayed-postponed-or-cancelled-elective-cholecystectomies-nature-a-healer-for-gall-bladder-pathologies-causing-intestinal-obstruction_September_2020_1598861309_3610161.pdf

Dr Amita Jain - Best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Amita Jain is a surgeon with highest degree of professional competence, precision and surgical craftsmanship. Performed all complicated general surgery procedures with in depth knowledge of invasive and few minimal invasive and onco surgical techniques. Underwent special training in trauma, executed various trauma-related complex life-saving neurosurgical procedures, reconstructed injured mangled limbs and performed vascular and reconstructive procedures with critical care.

Dr Amita Jain holds 28 plus years of rich experience in Trauma and General Laparoscopic Surgeries (including Gallbladder stone removalappendix removalhernia repair surgery, piles and fissure surgeries). She was the Professor Surgery of at the Army College of Medical Sciences and Base Hospital Delhi Cantt. In 1994 she was commissioned as Surgeon under the United Nations Mission in Congo. From 2020 to 2022, she worked with Bansals Hospital. Currently, Dr Amita Jain is the Senior Consultant, (Speciality: General and Laparoscopic Surgeon) at Artemis Lite Hospital, New Delhi